Why I Do What I Do

Art has been evolving for over a million eons. Mine has been unfolding for only 60 some years. Genetics have given me this ability to transform my thoughts into something visible. I can choose to or not to share these “objects” with others. I have had visions, ideas, stories, colors, words, music, and pictures in my brain for as long as I can remember and it is physically impossible for me not to want to apportion these concepts with others thus continuing the chain. My work is colorful, sparkly, mystical, silly, unique, primitive, spiritual, modern and ancient, hated and loved. I like to float, sink, chew, spit, mix and match. By putting it into the world, opinions and interpretations inevitably are formed. But that is our human prerogative, and like it or not, my art is here.

My paintings tell stories of life as seen through my eyes and heart. I assimilate the past, present and future into working themes that weave throughout the entire body of work that I devise. I see it as a flow of energy, with different stops to brighten the world along the way. Life is messy but it IS. My work can be messy and construed to be many things, but for me it is impossible not to generate. Fun and humor, gossip and untruths, politics and lackadaisy all appear in these paintings.  Often times a poem may be written on the back of the canvas, as words are also my paint and I see no separation at times between the two.

I make these images using a huge array of mixed media. From acrylic, oil, or enamel paint on canvas or paper, to sculpy, cement, nail polish, plastic, wood, tin, glass, fabric, yarn, metal, blood, hair, gold, leaves, thread, stickers, glue, tape, ribbon, zippers, pins and so on and on. Supplies are endless. The surface is always manipulated so that even people with no vision are able to form an idea of what it is in front of them. My work has many different dimensions because each viewer will interpret it differently. Some even glow in the dark.

Over the years, I cannot and will not be satisfied by showing ONE FRAMED PAINTING. To me, it is not enough. I must do more. I must over do. I rarely do over. However, I do move on. I am a maximalist. As a “prolific” creator, I often hang many pieces together in one cohesive event, a chorus of many soloists. Together they form a new energy, like starlings who flock and fly in tandem, my pieces become a whole new object, a new society, a symphony of images. I like to think of it as entertainment for the mind. And because we are human, we create dialogs which inspire the artist (me) to create more. 

I wish to share this experience with anyone who dares look in on it.  I am hoping to incite lively discussion with those who find the need to express in words what I achieve with paintings. The conversations will continue, the helix never ends. And when I am long gone, the images and genetics will have been passed forward.

Art is forever.

Artist's Statement:

Why I Do

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Lisa Eshleman Foster