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The Conjurer

I Went To See The Gypsy

My family, Katie, Harry, me, Lynne, Lili, Caroline, Clint and Jane

Ill Wind

A preposterous idea! Two words to four words in a world of possibilities. Think of it, here is a show of artwork by two women. One who has been “educated” at an art school and has been painting all her life who lives far away from the “happening” place, and the other, a recent artist, untrained, living in that very metropolis. It’s such a concept that it was worth putting this show together to remind the world what a melting pot we really live in.
When I decided to produce this exhibition I never anticipated the current outrageous politically horrid immigration events. The centerpiece of this show has just been painted. It’s hot off the wall because it was part of The Project Wall (closed July 15) entitled Melting Pot that I created at the New Arts Program in Kutztown, Pa. The image is an alchemist, a magician who is searching for “the ultimate.” He and his assistants may not be not human, however we are and therefore are the mortals being manipulated. It can be a good thing, it can be a bad thing. He holds a scale for balance and a magic wand to stir the pot.
The paintings surrounding Melting Pot could be seen as visions had by a magician or one who wants to see something that is not there. These are the inside thoughts which become part of the outside when exposed to the viewer. They are not created to be loved but because the conjurer is energetic and would burst and spew if not carefully let out. Brain impulses and dreams become a reality when put into the physical world of paper and paint. They are chimera. They are stories. They are reflections from within.
Also included in this show are other paintings, some which have been seen by the public and some that have not. The art that I create comes from deep within. It is inspired by what I see, what I read, what I hear, what I feel.  I have no, none whatsoever, wish to imitate realistic scenes, although all visions are, as dreams are, real. I use my camera to capture images in life, which satisfies my need for realism.  It is far more exciting to be unconsciously conscious when painting.  On good days, I can enter a trance-like concentration often brought on by music.  It's like a runner's high.  I do not do drugs or any other mind-altering substances at all.  To me, that would be false.  I do not like clouding or cluttering my brain, which is already at capacity with ideas. I want you to enjoy what you see.
I have been an artist for over 50 years. I can’t imagine a world without paint and ideas, yet I imagine many many images and try to put them on paper, or canvas or make them out of a found object then display the results for an audience. I have hung my art in shows for years. Because I had three children in five years, the output of paintings went down, but I NEVER stopped working or thinking about art. I rarely date what I do because I see it as a long series of work, a lifetime. I like to think that I am a conjurer and that I can share with you, the viewer, a glimpse of something magical and un-ordinary. You don’t have to like what you see. I just want to pique your eyeballs to brain for a second or two or hour. Because we are mere mortals (humans) we need art. We cannot let our souls (much less our children) be jailed. I want to break the chains and scream. So I do it with paint and paper and canvas and found objects.
I met Aura through a mutual friend who instinctively knew that we would hit it off. Her work is the essence of being real. It gives of a powerful message of love and humility and honesty. I wanted our art to be together immediately and offered her space. She is also a savvy businesswoman and her youth gives me hope. She has no problems with adventures and is brave living, running a business here inside Brooklyn, with only her sons. That is strength. Her art embodies her life.
Thank you for being interested. Tell your friends and look up my creations. Share this website
But remember, looking at a computer screen is totally not the same as live art. Keep the arts alive. Spread the word. LOOK with your eyes and heart at something physical.

Madame Director

Inside Outsider-Outside Insider         Sideshow Gallery        Brooklyn, NY       2018 

A Poet and a Painter​

with a nude

Melting Pot​

Exiled Circus