Summer Sward 

The Red Bar

Gallery Tour of the MAC

Cheek to Cheek

Sharadin Gallery Senior Show

​Kutztown, Pa.

The Wooden Bridge Gallery

North Troy, VT

The Buzz Collection

​Kutztown, Pa.

In and Out of New York

White Columns, NYC


Union Square Gallery, NYC

The Catamount Art Gallery

​St. Johnsbury, VT

2019:  Monkeying Around,  4 Monkeys Coffee, Kutztown, Pa

2019:  61 for 60: The Project Wall, New Arts Program,  Kuztown, Pa

2018: Inside Outsider/Outside Insider, Sideshow Gallery,  Brooklyn, NY

2018: Melting Pot: The Project Wall,  New Arts Program,  Kutztown, Pa.

2017: Recycled,  MAC Center for the Arts,  Newport, VT

2017: Held Back, New Arts Program Exhibition Space,     Kutztown, PA

2015: Ancestors...Going Way Back  MAC Center for the Arts, Newport, VT

1991-2018:  Small Works Invitational,  New Arts Program, Kutztown, PA

2006-2015:  Manhattan Skyline and other sets for QNEK   Haskell Opera         House, Derby Line, VT

2011: Curiosity- Then & Now: Paintings and Ephemera Catamount Arts,         St. Johnsbury, VT

1992:  Dreams Are Real or Are They?  National Penn Bank, Kutztown, PA

1989:  The Walk In- float exhibition, Kutztown Halloween Parade, PA

1988:  Mayfair Exhibition Group Show- Muhlenberg Center for the Arts,          Allentown, PA

1987  Group Show: Fervor Gallery,  NYC

          Returns and New Arrivals- The East Penn Emerging Artists Show:              St. John’s UCC, Kutztown, PA

          Various Dogs- Yard Display:  Kohler Road, Kutztown, PA

1986 Visions- Five Women Artists: interview and studio visit film project:       by Veronica Herman and Mary Beth                Smalley,  NYC

         20th Annual Members Show Juried Exhibition:   curated by Patterson Sims.  Allentown Art Museum,  Allentown,            PA

         Lost Dog, Dot’s Retreat, Yellow Scepter: Paintings included in Joseph Egan’s In Orbit Installation, NAP,                      Kutztown, PA

         All in All: cover design for collection of poetry by Jeff Wright 

1985 Mobile of Oak Leaves: working mobile for the movie No Picnic by Phil Hartman and Doris Kornish, NYC

         Migration, Crows Nest and Flicker:  paintings and drawings included in Joseph Egan's show Fall Out in                       Freiburg, Germany

1984  Entropy: group show at Union Square Gallery, NYC  

1983  Group Show: Gramatan Art Gallery,  Bronxville, NY

1982  Space Stations: aerial installation and film, Kutztown, PA

          Summer’s Sward: installation at The Red Bar, NYC

          Shock Ray- performances with Jeff Wright and Doris Kornish for St. Marks Poetry Project New Years Eve Party

          Australia- designed sets and costumes for the play by Alice Notley, directed by Bob Rosenthal  NYC

1981  From There to Here: In and Out of New York- group show at 325 Spring Street, NYC  (White Columns)

1978  The Buzz Collection: private salon showing at 590 College Garden Drive,  Kutztown, PA

           Flea Edge: paintings at 250 South Street, NYC

1977  The Constellations

         All the Fish in China

         Rolled Snow

        Receeding Hairline

        Twenty-five Xed Out Fishes

        Eight Cow Pies

        Stacked Cows

        Cow Ramp


        Cowabunga Series- all at the KSC art gallery

        Cheek to Cheek: Senior art show at Sharadin Gallery, Kutztown, PA

       Easton PA Outdoor Art Show:  Awarded Grand Prize

1976  A Hall of Life

          Electrolux: all at the KSC art gallery

          Snake in the Grass: group show at Cheltenham Gallery,  Philadelphia, PA    

The MAC Center for the Arts

​Newport, VT

Lititz, Pa

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List of Exhibitions 

Ancestors...Going Way Back

MAC Center for the Arts

Newport, VT

Curiosity-Then and Now

Catamount Gallery

St. Johnsbury, VT

Copyright 2016 Lisa Eshleman Foster. All Rights Reserved.

No reproductions of any kind without permission from the artist.