Curiosity -Then and Now; Paintings and Emphemera   Catamount Arts     2011

Ancestors...Going Way Back @ The MAC Center for the Arts 2016

Manhattan Skyline @ The Haskell ​Opera House    2015

Lisa Eshleman Murray

Artist, Educator, Poet, Actress, Seamstress, Mother, Wife, Thinker

Welcome to my world, my creations.  Creating art is a challenge, one that I have fought since the day I held my first pencil, or crayon. I make a lot of images.  Sometimes I cannot keep up with what I think of inventing.  Each drawing/painting/devised object has a story.  Within this web site, you will be able to sample a small slice of my thoughts.  Unfortunately, internet viewing of my art is quite incomplete. I have always maintained that there is no such thing as a 2 D drawing.  All of my work is 3d, you can touch it, you can feel it.  Here, via fiber optics and electricity, and as awesome as the internet is, the true intensity of my art cannot be fathomed. It just isn't the same as standing in front of the actual piece and using your physical senses.  With that said, I urge you to try to see my art when it is on a wall, in a show or in my studio.  

Inside Outsider-Outside Insider @ 

Sideshow Gallery,  Brooklyn NY 2018

All art work and photography within this website has been created by and is the property of Lisa Eshleman Foster.

Most is for sale at reasonable prices.  Feel free to contact me with your requests.

Held Back @ New Arts Program Gallery 2017

I love making art. I love listening to music. I love nature. I love looking at things. I love learning new things. I love reading. I love my children. I love people. I love happiness. I love being outside. I love swimming. I love running. I love color. I love energy. I love creativity. I love fooling around. I love life.

It is excellent to be alive!

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​I invite you to come along on a fantastic journey created by my hands from my imagination. Within these pages you will find hundreds of images to pique your senses. Enjoy yourself. Lose track of time. Visit once. Visit many times. Take time to look carefully. Go fast, go slow. It' s all up to you now! 

Most artworks are available for purchase. If you are interested, please contact me.

This website will usually be under construction, so look for changes!


A work of art is above all an adventure of the mind.

Eugene Ionesco